contractor at oil refinery

Veteran Transitional Turnkey Solutions

The growth of the Houston Gulf Coast Oil and Gas industries and the expansion of the Port of Houston have created a high demand for skilled trade professionals who are experienced and certified in the construction trades, facility maintenance and project management.  Skilled professionals who satisfy these workforce requirements can be placed immediately within these industries, which have turned to GETI and its Alliance partners to source.

Upon completion of the registration form, GETI’s Alliance partners will provide you with a letter of employment for you to return and complete the other relocations sections to ease the stress of moving to new area and beginning a whole new career especially if you have a family.

The following job descriptions and associated income and benefit charts further define some of the construction and facility maintenance positions that we are able to secure for you.  These positions may require passing an assessment test to determine which level of pay and job position that our alliance partners will provide for you.  A letter detailing these requirements will be sent to you upon completion of the initial registration portion of the website prior to a letter of employment being released.