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Veteran Transitional Turnkey Solutions

Global Energy Technologies Institute - Careers Foundation (GETIcareers)

GETIcareers is the main operating affiliate of the Global Energy Technologies Institute (GETI). GETI’s mission is to facilitate the development and implementation of high-tech skill set certifications in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), and all associated energy-related programs.  The vision is to provide a large array of Industrial Certification Programs that will provide our U.S. Veterans with the tools necessary to enter the civilian workforce in the shortest period of time; as well as, for other displaced workforces worldwide.

GETI’s educational training programs and certificates prepare its students with a direct pathway to entering the workforce or transfer to a four-year university to attain advance degree / certifications.  GETI addresses critical 21st Century HR needs for all facets of our global energy industries.

GETI’s Mission is accomplished by providing:

  • Comprehensive training and curriculum development tailored to deliver safety-minded, more competent employees
  • Customized technical education to address your technical needs and the needs of your employers
  • Qualified experienced instructors who understand the technical challenges facing today’s global energy workforce

We Offer:

  • State-of-the-art facilities. equipment and software to industry personnel at our affiliated campuses
  • pre and post assessment tools to evaluate performance
  • Courses for academic credit and non-credit all year around

GETI Provides These Training and Educational Services:

  • Contract training and continuing education
  • Customer designed training and education
  • Partnerships in training and education
  • Potential college articulations
  • Accreditations, skill sets certifications, lab and equipment validations and facility retrofitting
  • Reserve setting in pre-scheduled continuing education classes
  • Distance learning training and education
  • Consultation in program accreditation and development
  • Resource and infrastructure development solutions
  • Safety  (OSHA, EPA, ISO, API)

Global Energy Technologies Institute partners with its:

  • Faculty, staff, and administration
  • Industry advisory committees
  • GETI Energy Advisory Board
  • Community leaders
  • Global Industrial partners
  • Veterans / Students